Vacationing in Montenegro is an experience unlike any other


Located in Busat in the municipality of Bar, Vila Perla features fine Mediterranean architecture, elegant furnishings and magnificent view. Bounded by the clean, crystal clear water of the Adriatic and a backdrop of dark mountains, fields,  olive groves or heavily scented pine forests – this is the ideal place to rejuvenate or invigorate in equal measure.

The mild Mediterranean climate has blessed this region with ancient olive, fig, orange and lemon groves, not to mention   wines and kiwi fruit. The entire area is a natural health spa. The dark blue sea, the white rocks, and the eternal green, aromatic vegetation certainly aid in any recuperation.

The Villa is located on a private road and offers complete discretion. It lays on a spacious, breathtaking property and offers an access to a private beach. However, for those who prefer action and socializing with the crowd there is the  Utjeha Beach, a mere 5 minutes walk away.

Its olive trees-lined path and turquoise crystal clear waters have earned it  the reputation of being one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. The Utjeha Beach is 800m long, and along it stretches its promenade where you can enjoys the wonders of natural beauty whether you are sunbathing, swimming, water-skiing, paragliding, jets-skiing, boating or playing beach soccer or volleyball. Utjeha’s hip nightclubs are a five minute walk away, yet once you return back to the room you are back to peace and serenity. There are great restaurants along the beach where you can experience fresh seafood and other local delicacies.