Co mowia eksperci na temat Czarnogory?


Travel New York Times: “Montenegro- Glamour Redux?”

“Montenegro was once an A-list playground for the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and was called the St.-Tropez of the Adriatic. Now, this small, craggy republic with unspoiled beaches, thick pine forests and medieval villages is poised for a major comeback. The World Travel and Tourism Council, a trade group of business leaders, has highlighted Montenegro as the “fastest growing travel and tourism economy in the world.”

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The Telegraph:Jewl that thrilled Byron and Bond.”

“It is not hard to see why the area has also been a magnet for the British: Lord Byron was one of many visitors taken by its spectacular scenery and gushed: “At the moment of birth of our planet, the most beautiful meeting of land and sea was on the Montenegrin coast.” Many of the cream stone buildings he would have seen clustered in villages at the junction of rugged grey-green mountains and calm turquoise seas are now attracting the most attention from buyers. Particularly prized are the substantial, Venetian-era “captains’ houses” right on the shoreline.”

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Smart Travel: “Once a destination for the rich and famous, tiny Montenegro has only recently begun a comeback.”

“With so much to offer, from miles of beaches to mountains, glacial lakes, and pristine forests, it’s unlikely that the country will remain a secret for long. The energetic and adventurous will be rewarded by sites like the walled mountain town of Kotor, the ancient beach town of Budva, and Sveti Stefan, an island-hotel of red roofs set against the blue sea.”

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The New York Times: “Everywhere I went in Montenegro, I found prices that were much lower than in Croatia.”

“The rate was no fluke. Everywhere I went in Montenegro, I found prices that were much lower than in Croatia. Affordable Montenegro will not, however, be around much longer. Unlike Croatia, this country is small, and the future of its beautiful beaches and wild hills seems to include only luxury travelers. Amanresorts has won the right to operate the entire island of Sveti Stefan as a hotel, and other five-star properties are going up along the coast.”

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The Washington Post: “Coming soon- The Next Small Thing.”

“Montenegro’s beaches make up the southern section of the Dalmatian Coast and that, in fact, the country is already being dubbed the “next Croatia,” I had a list of people who suddenly wanted to come with me. Croatia, Montenegro’s neighbor to the north, was once hailed as the “next Italy” and is fully registered on the tourist radar as an established part of the cruise ship circuit. Now many travelers are drifting down to Montenegro, where medieval coastal towns hug the azure-colored sea and the narrow cobblestone streets and intimate piazzas are relatively quiet, save for impromptu soccer matches between young boys.”

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Travel New York Times: “Montenegro Legends, Coves and Mountains.”

“From pebbly shores to jagged ranks of mountains, Montenegro fills the eye at every azimuth – some of its vistas almost frightening, such as the plunges of rock face beneath narrow serpentine roads or sudden tornado-like waterspouts sweeping in from the Adriatic … Beyond the olive groves, the coves and the karstic crags lie legacies of tribal warfare, sheep rustling and bandits: the stuff of epic poetry… Roughly the size of Connecticut, Montenegro is an anomalous combination of alpine heights and mountain meadows in the interior, a seacoast of infinite variety from fjord to sandy beach, of rushing streams and a piece of Skadar Lake, bordering on Albania. The coast remains largely Italo-Albanian, the mountains Slav. Scarcely 600,000 people occupy the land.”

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Guardian: “James bond’s playground for sale”

“You saw it as the backdrop to Daniel Craig’s James Bond in Casino Royale. Pictures of it litter advertisements for the grunge fashion chain Fat Face. And soon, it may be one of Europe’s property hotspots…Montenegro became Europe’s newest nation after its formal split from neighboring Serbia last summer. The 200-mile coastline, running between its borders with Croatia and Albania, is among the most beautiful in Europe and already attracts considerable interest from developers. Meanwhile, inland, there is the world’s second largest canyon, 40 big lakes and a ski resort, which is now being given a makeover.”

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Travel+Leisure: “Where to go next: Montenegro!”

“Although the world has discovered Croatia and its idyllic shores, neighboring Montenegro, a land of untouched white sands and time-capsule medieval villages, is still largely a well-kept secret. It wasn’t always this way: the country once drew Hollywood luminaries like Sophia Loren and Richard Burton to its 183-mile Adriatic Coast.”

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Huffington Post: “Porto Montenegro- The Next Adriatic Hot-Spot”

“Cannes. Monaco. Porto Montenegro? If multi-millionaire gold miner Peter Munk has his way, this former Communist-era naval base in Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor might soon become the most important new European super yacht hub, according to CNN.”

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